Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mentoring New Life Coaches

We all learn from our mistakes but it is wise and advisable to learn from experienced people and save time. It is overwhelming to see so many people turning into life coaches every week. It is good to see that they are willing to help humanity. No matter how you have come to the world of Life coaching, here are few suggestions to thrive here-

1.    Give Yourself Time- Once you get certified as a Life coach, give yourself some time to understand in and out of Life Coaching. Start reading books and articles related to life coaching.
2.     Find your Niche- This seems unimportant but this is the most important thing in life coaching. Find your niche; take help from coaches who are already established and doing well in their field. Do not become a supermarket of coaching.
3.     Practice, Practice and More Practice- Don’t leave any opportunity to do practice sessions. The more practice sessions you do, the more confidence you gain as a coach. Coaching is a slow process; it takes years to become successful. Keep going…
4.     Keep learning- Along with practice you must explore courses that will help you in your coaching career.

Once you have completed your courses and gained confidence start promoting yourself. Network with people and learn the ways to market your coaching practice and your coaching business.

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